‘I just felt that I’m at Home,’ says Shirley Hills after moving to Norman Manor

With 29 residents and even fewer team members working mostly through the lens of hospitality, Norman Manor in the heart of Chilliwack feels like a family home. This atmosphere is perhaps one of the greatest attributes of the residence that stood out for Shirley Hills when her husband Joe moved there in 2016 at the age of 88.

She would visit often for lunch, comfortable in the fact they could enjoy their time together without the worry of his health challenges in the front of their minds. The home is a place for independent living with the added security that comes through knowing that if Joe or any resident had a fall or any sudden challenge, someone is there to help.

When his health suddenly did take a turnfor the worse, Norman Manor did everything possible to make him comfortable. After he passed away,the kindness of the team and the support they offered during such a difficult time remained with Shirley. Family is like that, and when she moved to Norman Manor in July 2018,“I just felt that I’m at home,” she says.

She remembers when Joe turned 89, and Norman Manor threw a large party for him. Team members came in, other residents and families were there as well, and she thought, ‘not a lot of places would do that.’ This is just one example of the sense of comfort and community that thrives here; conversations in the library or over dinner spring naturally and Shirley says the walking paths and the sitting areas outside Norman Manor are inviting for anyone who’s able.


“I’m happy to be here and I have everything I could want,” Shirley says.




Glenda moved into the service of seniors after more than a dozen years as a chef in the fast-paced restaurant industry; serving Shirley and the other 28 residents, she says, offers infinitely more in terms of reward.

They become family who share their wisdom and life experience with the team and those relationships carry forward – Shirley’s arrival is a testament to that.

“She was so impressed with the caring staff and wonderful home cooked meals that she couldn’t think of any other place she would rather be,” Glenda says. “She is still very independent but wanted to make the move before she had to, knowing we will take care of her when she needs it.”