Meet a Team Member Who Illustrates the Commitment to Quality of Life at Riverside Manor Independent Living

Benjamin Neufeld has worked at Riverside Manor for four years as both a Server in the dining room and as an Activity Coordinator. His playful personality and ease with Seniors have endeared him to the people who make their home here.

Benjamin’s natural comfort with those he serves brightens many hearts at Riverside Manor and General Manager, Virginia Roberts, says his personal approach is a perfect illustration of the values her home and its sister homes throughout the Optima Living family create every day.

“It’s all about the seniors,” she says. “You can see the looks of joy in the faces of the Residents when they’re interacting with Benjamin; they’re laughing and they’re smiling and there are some really tender moments there.”

Virginia believes the best medicine the home offers, for Residents in both independent and assisted living, is the amazing team. “We have those strong relationships with people because we are very aware that this is their home,” she says. “The team is like the best kind of medicine and Benjamin is the sugar that goes with it; everything is inclusive.

With 32 Residents, Riverside Manor really is a “family village,” and the fact that team members regularly
step outside of their roles to support Residents, as Benjamin does, illustrates the best of this village in action. “Every interaction we have and every comment we make is creating that connection,” Virginia says. “It’s not just the nursing staff that improve the Residents’ health here. Every Resident and staff relationship are integral to creating the best possible quality of life for each Resident, just like an extended family does.”

Benjamin is just one example, she says. He may technically be a server in the home, but he’s considered much more than that: he is the social director; a smiling face that everyone looks forward to seeing; and he’s a pleasure to have at Riverside Manor.


“When he goes on holidays and then comes back, everybody just brightens up, Virginia says. “There’s something about Benjamin that just brings them out of their shells and makes their day.”