Willow Manor


Residential Care and Long Term Mental Health Support in the Fraser Valley

Willow Manor is a mental health residential care mental health program and bridging unit located in Chilliwack as part of a Seniors Independent Living community. The property is part of a multi use community living model that is setting the new standard in mental health care integration.

Willow Manor provides 24 hour staffed Residential and Mental Health Services. Our focus continues to be excellence in the provision of care to our residents.

Our goal is to provide the best quality of life possible by enabling each resident to experience as full and rich life as possible.


Our commitment to quality of life includes:

  • Treating Everyone with Respect and Dignity
  • Enable Freedom of Choice
  • Respect and Protect Privacy
  • Providing Recreation and Social Interactions
  • Support Residents’ independence through the physical design features in the building and the delivery of support services

Since 2001, Willow Manor services have included residential support for elderly, adult and youth (19 years and up) clients with chronic mental health issues, clients with concurrent diagnoses of mental illness and developmental delay, and residential care for persons with Acquired Brain Injury.

Willow Manor has achieved a program that respects the residents and advocates for their well being on a daily basis. Willow Manor is unique in that it provides residential care services while maintaining a family environment and client-focused care.

Please direct all inquires for admissions to Fraser Health as a referral is required for placement at this caring facility.


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