Optima Living Newsletter November 2022

November 25th, 2022

We invite you to join us and Live your best winter at an Optima Living community! If you haven't already, move in now so that as you experience both indoor and outdoor activities, your days will be filled with endless opportunities to make memories with friends and family. Click the button below for more information!

5 Ways to Live Your Best Winter

Holiday sing-a-long featuring a photo of musicians singing and playing the guitar

Holiday Season Sing-a-long Watch Party!

Our annual Holiday Season Sing-a-long is coming to a device near you. On December 15th at 1:30 PST 2:30 MTN, visit the Optima Living YouTube channel to join in on the fun! 

Watch a sneak peek here.

Optima Living TV episode banner promoting the new episode named,

Optima Living TV Episode 3 - Your Space and You

Join the watch party livestream at the Optima Living YouTube Channel on December 2nd at 1:30 PST 2:30 MTN.

Seniors’ quality of life is impacted by their living environment. Deanna Cable, co-owner of A Step Up Inc, shares tips and tricks on furnishing your suite, decluttering your space, and making your space a home.

Be Agile Not Fragile - Health Tip from Dr. Wagg

The AHS Chair in Healthy Aging, Dr. Adrian Wagg, shares a health tip about how important keeping mobile is for health and wellbeing in later life. 

Watch the full episode, Maximize Your Golden Yearshere.

Hawthorne logo
Remembrance Day art of crosses and coloured illustrations from residents.
Artfull Enrichment helped Hawthorne make this display called I Remember.

Aspen House logo

Remembrance day display featuring a Canadian flag, a white cross, a wreath, and poppies.
This beautiful display was made by our practicum student and two residents.

Golden Sands logo
A woman holding a painting of poppies.
Remembrance day display featuring a poem, photos, poppies, and a cross.
Delicious looking cake with strawberries and red icing on top.
Remembrance day dining table placemats and napkins.

On Remembrance Day we looked at a world war 2 reminiscing kit donated by the Lac la Biche Museum and in the afternoon took a trip to the museum and enjoyed seeing the beautiful displays.

Sagebrush logo

Remembrance day wreath in the window
Bagpiper leading the way for Remembrance day.
Poppy and beautifully handwritten Remembrance Day sign.
A different Remembrance Day wreath on the window.

Coloured and assembled poppy wreaths earlier in the week, the legion came by and we all did a toast.

Residents enjoying halloween activities together at tables.
Resident looking excited while wearing a halloween costume of a bunny.
Staff dressed as minions and Gru from the movie Despicable Me.
A minions cake with corresponding cupcakes decorated with blue and yellow.

Care Partners were minions & we had a Gru! Residents also dressed up, got some tattoos, played a few games and ate some delicious desserts the kitchen whipped up, all complete with some spooky tunes! We also did our yearly resident awards at the party.

Norman Manor logo
Residents painting masks together with pink, blue, and red paint.
Residents surrounding a table together painting masks and enjoying each other's company.

Halloween at Norman Manor.

Man cutting on a cutting board in the kitchen.
Residents enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together.
Pumpkin pie for residents to enjoy together on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving plate featuring mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, carrots, turkey, and gravy.

A Happy Thanksgiving at Norman Manor.

Wild Rose senior living community logo
Thanksgiving plate of delicious looking food, including turkey, Brussels sprouts, stuffing, and more!
Delicious looking cooked turkey for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving menu featuring a starter, main course, dessert, and drinks.
Thanksgiving salad with strawberries garnished on top.

Thanksgiving dinner at Wild Rose was a feast! With a three course meal, including turkey and pumpkin pie dessert, there was plenty of food to celebrate with. 

Wild Rose staff costumes for halloween. Features the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Darth Vader, a unicorn, and more!
The Beast from Beauty and the Best along with Snow White.

spooky Halloween at Wild Rose!

Wisteria Place senior home logo
Residents taking in the Remembrance Day meal at Wisteria Place.
Another angle showing more of the room of Wisteria Place residents enjoying a Remembrance Day meal.
Remembrance Day service feature for Wisteria Place. Sharply dressed man in a suit is standing in front of a flag with a poppy that says,

Remembrance Day at Wisteria Place

Two men sitting together at table smiling with one another.
Servers of Wisteria Place standing ready to serve, all are wearing masks.
Residents enjoying Thanksgiving today together. Three women are smiling together at the first table.
Wisteria Place's secretary desk decorated for the fall with beautiful flowers across the desk.

Thanksgiving at Wisteria Place was a time of great food, amazing company, and fun decorations. Residents gathered with family and friends for a festive day brimming with memories. 

Aster Gardens logo
Remembrance Day display featuring a Canadian flag, poppies, photos of relatives, and medallions.
Beautiful Display for Remembrance Day

Pumpkin with text on it that says,
Pumpkin with text on it that says,
Pumpkin with text on it that says,

Take a look at what residents at Aster Gardens are thankful for! Residents wrote their thoughts on colourful paper pumpkins which were then placed on the walls. Residents have so much gratitude that the walls at Aster Gardens turned orange. 

Residents dressed in halloween costumes. One is dressed as a zookeeper, the other as a skeleton.
Resident dressed in a clown costume for Halloween. He is smiling and holding a pumpkin.
Pumpkins on a table displayed for Halloween.
Halloween cake on a table for residents. It is chocolate cake with yellow, green, and red icing blended. The cake also has spooky candy eyes on it.

We enjoyed Halloween costumes and treats at Aster Gardens!

The Edward logo

Residents around a table in Halloween costumes spending time together.
Lots of residents in a room together for Halloween. Most of the residents are wearing costumes and having fun together.
Resident in a sombrero smiling while sitting on a couch.
Resident in a goofy Halloween costume. She is smiling while wearing colourful socks, a Hawaiian Lei and a silly wig.

So many residents participated in Halloween at The Edward.

Country Cottage logo
An incredible Fozzie Bear costume from the Muppets.
Resident smiling while holding a pumpkin and wearing a cowgirl costume.
Resident making a spooky expression in a witch costume while holding a decorated pumpkin and a bag of candy.
Resident smiling and sitting while holding a pumpkin.

Halloween costumes and Jack-o-lanterns at Country Cottage!

Sweetgrass logo

Resident smiling while seated at a table for Thanksgiving.
Resident smiling and enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal.
Resident enjoying his Thanksgiving meal with the company of a staff member.
Display for a door prize draw. Flowers are placed behind the sign and jar to enter the draw.

We had a vibrant Thanksgiving celebration at Sweetgrass!

Quote of the Day

“To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.”
― Reba McEntire