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Optima Living provides residents with resources keep them informed and equipped to handle every scenario and learn new skills.



As part of our ongoing mission to keep seniors and the
people who love them informed and equipped to handle every
scenario, Optima Living has been hosting a
series of online webinars with Dr. Adrian Wagg,
the Alberta Health Services Chair of Healthy Ageing.
Wellness Moments

Wellness Moments

We have gathered short clips from our expertly-led webinars
to provide a library of short clips on various topics related
to seniors living. Easily access answers to all of your questions
about wellness and ageing!


Our Optima Brain Health model is an industry-leader in
dementia care. Designed in collaboration with doctors,
mental health professionals, and architects to ensure that
best practice care is built into daily routines, experiences,
and even the building environment itself.
Online Resources

Online Resources

Establishing a culture of health and wellness is not a
destination, but a journey that must be pursued every day.
Read below to find out more about how Optima Living
continues to be an industry leader in health and wellness