Optima Living Newsletter December 2023

Posted on December 15th, 2023

Season's Greetings
from Optima Living

We wish everyone a joyful holiday season filled with warmth, happiness, and good company. May this festive time bring moments of joy, reflection, and connection with loved ones. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a bright new year ahead!

3 Ways to
Celebrate the Season

As the holiday season approaches, seniors are presented with unique opportunities to make the most of this festive time. Senior living doesn't mean missing out on the joy of the holidays; in fact, it opens the door to new and exciting ways to celebrate.

Let’s explore three wonderful ways seniors can embrace the holiday season and create meaningful memories.
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Health benefits of a social and active lifestyle with Dr. Wagg (AHS Chair in Healthy Ageing, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta)

Be Free, Be You features residents living their best lives at Optima Living communities. Discover how active senior living empowers people to thrive and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle rediscovering their interests or exploring new ones.

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Upcoming Community Events

Supporting Hawthorne's Drum Fit Program 

Two Pharmacy commits to donating a percentage of sales through the till each month to a local organization or fundraiser through their Community Roots Partnership Program.

You can support both our cause and this local family run business by shopping with them and switching your prescriptions over to Two Pharmacy.
Vote for your favourite Gingerbread House

Parkwood Place recently entered their gingerbread houses in a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser in Victoria. Pictured above, Parkwood Place Executive Director Cheryl, Director of Admin Margie, and Resident Jim are putting the finishing touches on their houses before they get sent to the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria for the fundraiser.

Come out, donate and vote for your favourite Gingerbread House. Parkwood Place embraced the theme of Family Traditions because "We are all family at Parkwood Place!"

Read more at Habitat for Humanity.
Cherished Family Recipes

Our cookbooks have arrived at the Hamlets just in time for the holidays. Approximately 300 tried and tested recipes that were contributed by residents, families, and staff. Cookbooks are $25 and can be purchased at reception.
Secret Santa

We are accepting donations for Secret Santa gifts for our residents!

We accept donations of socks, colouring books, word searches, crossword puzzles, body wash, shampoo, hand soap, hand cream, mittens, body lotion, face cream, and $5 Tim Hortons gift cards!

Families and friends can also donate in cash if they prefer.

Please drop off your donations at reception!

Community Highlights

Remembrance Day

Various Optima Living communities united on Remembrance Day to honour the people who made sacrifices for their nations.
Holiday Crafts!

Crafts are always a favourite around here, especially when they get to double as decor! We love painting, the holidays, and community! Mixing all three together made for the perfect afternoon.
Cedarwood Deer Hunt

With the Christmas tunes turned up on the PA, residents enjoyed pelting us with nerf bullets, while we ducked for cover behind Christmas trees! 

One of our residents commented that she "hasn’t had this much fun since she was a kid!" This is what makes Cedarwood Station home! 

A big thanks to Jen and Karen (Lifestyles & Wellness) for organizing such a fun afternoon! If you’ll excuse us now, we’re nursing our wounds…Norma & Bonnie were playing for points.
Celebrating 100 Great Years

We recently celebrated a resident's 100th birthday, which included a visit from the Mayor, the MLA's office, and a manicure!
National Espresso Day

November 23rd was National Espresso Day, so we hosted a Barista Social. Peppermint Mocha or Hazelnut flavoured coffee with special toppings were enjoyed by many of our residents.
Enjoying the Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees was held November 22nd to 26th. Many residents attended with their families.
Meadowlands does Woodstock

“Music is a piece of art that goes in through the ears and straight to the heart - love not war.”

Taking it back to 1969, Meadowlands does Woodstock with AMAZING music, all the festival party vibes and the best people to celebrate with.
Okanagan Dance Studio Performance

A great way to end the week, and a fantastic way to kick off the Christmas season.

Thank you to the kids, teens, and teachers from the Okanagan Dance Studio for putting on a brilliant performance. And to all the parents that came out to support.

The smiles on the seniors' faces were priceless and I may have seen some misty eyes too amongst the audience. You have no idea how much this meant to them.
A Fun Visit with an Old Friend

The Hamlets at Penticton received special permission to visit Alice the Dinosaur, who stands at 22 feet high and 50 feet long, and weighs 12,000 pounds! One of the care team members also dressed up as a dinosaur to help load the bus. It was a very fun day!

Read more about it in the Penticton Western News!
Festive Activities for the Holiday Season

We attended the WeSAC Holiday Market and transformed our residence into a fully festive space.
Baking for the Christmas Party!

The only thing better than having a Christmas party is working together as a community to make it happen. From baking festive goods to creating the decorations, we had the greatest time!

Come live with us! 

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Quote of the Day

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” –  Mark Twain