Optima Living Newsletter June 2023

Posted on June 16th, 2023

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, including a decline in bone density, flexibility, hearing, taste, smell, and balance. But here's the good news: seniors can still improve their balance through regular exercise. Read on to find some simple and fun exercises that can help improve your balance.

Standing on one leg may seem simple, but it's an effective way to improve balance. To make it easier, hold onto a chair or wall for support. Read the full article to learn more about improving your balance.

Happy birthday, Mary!

One of our residents just celebrated a major milestone: her 103rd birthday! This month, we're pleased to highlight Mary, one of our most special residents in our Chilliwack, B.C. community of Norman Manor. In May, we celebrated Mary and let her know how much she means to our community. She is as happy and lively as ever, and even entertained her Norman Manor neighbours on the piano at her birthday party. 

Senior residents sitting together smiling. One woman has balloons behind her and a ribbon on her shirt.
A senior playing the piano

Please join us in saying Happy Birthday to Mary, and congratulating her on 103 years of life and valuable experience that we can all learn from! Please click here to send Mary an email message with your greeting! We'll forward your message to the Norman Manor care team, who will read them to Mary. It's sure to make her day!

Multiple seniors sitting together celebrating the 103rd birthday of a resident.

A Father's Day photo featuring three different pictures. A senior father with his son smiling, a couple of senior father's enjoying a drink together, and a father walking with a daughter.

Celebrating Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day across all of our communities. Have a look at the decor and lovely celebrations!

Senior women seated together smiling at a set table. There are multiple coloured tulips in the middle of the table.
Multiple senior women enjoying some tea and drinks together. Two of the women are looking at a phone, while the others are looking at the camera and smiling.
Seniors seated around a table together enjoying tasty treats.

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

In recognition of Alzheimer's Month, read our article, Alzheimer's Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Stages, Treatment. It might help you recognize the showing of symptoms in a loved one. Did you know that Optima Living communities like Aster Gardens offer world-class Memory Care services?

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Aster Gardens

At Aster Gardens, we had a visit from Thistle Farms petting zoo and celebrated Nurses' Week with gifts for our Nursing team!

Senior women seated together smiling. One of the women is holding a bird gently.
Staff members standing and smiling in front of a counter together. One of the staff is holding a gift box.

Wisteria Place

Senior man with an orange suitcase standing in the Wisteria Place library.
Multiple residents seated at a table with various snacks enjoying watermelon, cake, and tea. The one woman has a bow bandana on and the man has a plastic top hat.

The Edward

We had a Whist tournament at The Edward and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with fun costumes and great food.

A senior man in a cowboy hat posing for a picture with a women in Cinco de Mayo clothing.
Four senior women sitting at a round table together playing a game of cards.

Wild Rose

We made the Nursing team of Wild Rose feel appreciated with a homemade portrait, and enjoyed a lovely visit from the Thistle Farms petting zoo.

A senior enjoying a cuddle with a bunny rabbit.
Multiple nurses holding a homemade portrait.

Country Cottage

Cinco de Mayo was so fun at Country Cottage! We celebrated with fun costumes, margaritas, and delicious food.

A senior resident posing with Cinco de Mayo decorations. She is holding a drink and a sign that says,
A senior celebrating Cinco de Mayo. She is holding decorations and wearing a sombrero. She also has a moustache cutout she is holding up to her face.

Cottonwood Village

The playoffs may be over, but we still have the hockey spirit at Cottonwood Village! Our community is full of both Oilers and Flames fans.

Two seniors pretending to be aggressive to each other. One is wearing an Edmonton Oilers jersey, and the other is in a Calgary Flames jersey.


We celebrated Nurses' Week at Sweetgrass with a sundae bar. We made sure our Nursing team felt appreciated!

Ice cream sundaes in glasses with strawberry and caramel sauces along with a container of sprinkles.
Some platters of fruit along with yogurt and granola available to be served. Behind is a sign that says,

Golden Sands

At Golden Sands, we said "thank you" to our Nursing team with a resident-made display, and had a fun day of cookies and Bingo games, too.

Senior residents seated at a table together with chips and juice.
Two nurses standing in front of a sign that says,

The Hamlets at Red Deer

At The Hamlets at Red Deer, we had a technician come out to help residents build their own birdhouses! We had a great time. We also had a games day and played cornhole! Residents had a fun time.

Senior resident hammering a birdhouse together with the help of a young staff member.

An action shot of a senior playing a staff member in a game of corn-hole.
A senior resident throwing a beanbag in a game of corn-hole.


Residents of Sagebrush got active with some musical drumming.

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Quote of the Day

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ― Mark Twain