Wild Rose on Global News

January 27th, 2021

Optima Living is grateful to our care partners, site leadership teams, and Alberta Health Services for all the tireless efforts during the pandemic. Global News recently featured a story on how seniors living communities have fared during the pandemic. Wild Rose and Country Cottage, two of our Edmonton area communities out of six in Edmonton have remained outbreak-free. Global featured Wild Rose, our Optima Living community in Terra Losa, West Edmonton on the 6pm news on January 26th, 2020.

"Our success is due to the support, understanding, and patience that we have received from our residents and their families. Since the pandemic has started, we have been very open in communication about what is happening in our community. Our families have come to rely on our transparency,” said Marie Conception – General Manager at Wild Rose.

Effective team approach

While there have been a great number of challenges in implementing the constantly changing orders, the Wild Rose care partners rose to the challenge each in every time by effectively working together as a team. Through the collaboration with residents, families, staff and Alberta Health Services, we believe this team approach was effective in reducing the likelihood of an outbreak.

Enjoying quality of life

Even in the midst of the pandemic, our residents and employees still had the opportunity to socialize and engage safely in day-to-day activities, ensuring that everyone still enjoy a good quality of life, making Wild Rose feel like home.

 “Optima Living is very thankful and recognizes the great work our employees, residents, and visitors are doing by following the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s direction in preventing the spread of COVID-19 into our communities,” said Yvette Elmquist, Optima Living’s Regional Director of Quality Care

Everyone who calls Wild Rose their home works together to ensure we are following our values in preventing the spread of COVID-19, from masking, hand hygiene, social distancing, and screening of all our visitors and employees. It is this team of dedicated individuals who are committed and passionate regarding working together in doing the right thing for our residents and each other on a continuous basis that assists in combatting COVID-19.