Wisteria Place’s Recycled Art Featured in Global News

January 12th, 2022

Wisteria Place — one of Optima Living’s newest, high-quality seniors’ communities — was built on a belief in living a life in harmony: with people, with community, and with nature. To represent these core values of the community, Optima Living asked local B.C. artist Roger Brenninkmeyer to create a sculpture of a wisteria tree made of 18,000 plastic bags, many donated by members of our community in coastal Richmond, B.C. 

Brenninkmeyer was recently featured in Global News for his work as an environmentally conscious artist creating sustainable art pieces out of plastic. The installation at Wisteria Place was featured as Brenninkmeyer’s largest and most significant creation to date.

The 127 leaves of the artwork represent the 107 suites of Wisteria Place and the 20 team members at the time of opening. You can find the tree on the right side of the stairwell as you descend towards the dining areas.

In Brenninkmeyer’s interview with the news channel, he said, “[Residents of Wisteria Place] get to go down to breakfast every morning and look up and see a beautiful wisteria tree, knowing that their trash is actually part of that beautiful mosaic.”

At Wisteria Place, we care about nurturing and caring for all those around us. Promoting sustainability is how we invest in ensuring a greater future for our community, country, and world. We are thrilled to have partnered with Brenninkmeyer to use what would have otherwise been polluting our oceans or cluttering up landfills to create something beautiful that can now be enjoyed by residents of Wisteria Place for years to come.