Most Important Amenities for Senior Living Communities

Most Important Amenities for Senior Living Communities

March 28th, 2018

When it comes time in a senior’s life where they start to have more difficulty keeping up with everyday activities such as running errands preparing meals, managing their medications, and personal hygiene – an assisted living facility may be a great solution. So, what are the most important amenities for a senior living facility to have? Find out below..

Important Amenities for a Senior Living Facility

Seniors looking at assisted living facilities tend to know what they are looking for, so it is best that a facility prepares ahead to meet the expectations of their future residents. Some suggestions for what they may be looking for are as follows:

  • Common Areas

    Seniors have individual hobbies and interests, and a common space in which they can participate in these activities is highly sought after. As an example, an arts and crafts room may be frequently used – as well as a game room or a woodshop.

  • Provided Social and Recreational Activities

    It is important to keep residents in a senior living community as engaged and active as possible. Social and recreational activities keep senior’s bodies and minds active. Popular activities may include social events, fitness programs, spiritual or religious programs, professional entertainment.

  • Pet Friendly Options

    Research shows that keeping a pet is beneficial for your health – helping a resident feel more relaxed and connected. Some facilities may opt to have live-in pets for the residents to engage with and help care for, and some allow seniors to bring in their own pets.

  • Beauty Salons

    Some assisted living facilities offer on-site beauty salon services to help residents feel great without having to travel off-site. They often offer hair shampooing, colouring, cuts, and manicures or pedicures to help lift their spirits.

When it comes to assisted living facilities, there is no one-size-fits-all, but many seniors seem to enjoy having these options in place.