Keeping Grandchildren Engaged During Assisted Living Visits

Visiting senior friends and relatives living in Assisted Living communities is an excellent opportunity for children and grandchildren to bond with their loved ones. However, children can sometimes become restless during these visits, leading to boredom for both the child and resident. Therefore, it's essential to keep children engaged. Here are some tips: 

Encourage Communication 

Encourage children to communicate with the senior resident during the visit. Even if the child is hard to understand, most seniors appreciate the engagement. Encourage the child to share about their day, hobbies, friends, or pets. This helps to keep the conversation going, creating a meaningful connection between the child and the senior resident. 

Bring Portable Activities 

To keep children occupied, bring portable activities that encourage interaction with the senior resident. These activities can include a deck of cards, a photo album, or a book that the senior can read to the child. Homework that the senior can help with is also a great idea. This encourages interaction between the child and senior resident, making the visit more enjoyable for both parties. 

The Visit is Paramount 

Visits to senior residents living in Assisted Living communities are essential to their well-being. Even if the child is shy and doesn't interact much, the senior resident will be thrilled to see the child and watch what they are doing. Visits are a welcome change from the routine, and most seniors thoroughly enjoy them. 

Take Photos 

Taking lots of photos during the visit is an excellent way to remember the special moments spent with senior friends and relatives. It's also a great way to show other family members who couldn't make it to the visit how much fun everyone had. 

In conclusion, visiting senior friends and relatives living in Assisted Living communities is a great way for children to bond with their loved ones. By following these tips, children and senior residents can enjoy a meaningful visit together.