Optima Living TV Episode 2: Maximizing Golden Years

Ali Shivji, one of the principals at Optima Living, engages in a captivating conversation with Cailey Massey, the founder of Artfull Enrichment, about maximizing one's golden years. They dive into the statistics highlighting the rapid growth of seniors over 85 years old in Canada and challenge the notion of aging as a crisis, viewing it as an exciting opportunity for growth and exploration.

The Transformative Power of Art in Later Life

Cailey discusses the transformative power of art in later life, emphasizing its role in fostering creativity, improving mental well-being, reducing stress, and enhancing overall quality of life. She shares insights into the health benefits of engaging in creative activities and provides practical tips for seniors to get creative, even at home.

A Painting Tutorial for Wellness and Creativity

The conversation transitions into a hands-on painting tutorial, demonstrating how engaging in artistic activities like painting can promote mental well-being, creativity, and mindfulness. Cailey guides Ali through the process of creating a monochromatic mountain painting, highlighting the therapeutic and expressive aspects of art.

Addressing Mental Health in Later Life

The discussion concludes with insights into mental health in later life, emphasizing the importance of seeking early treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress. Strategies for maintaining mental well-being, such as staying socially connected, pursuing new interests, and seeking professional support, are highlighted as essential components of a fulfilling life in later years.

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