Optima Living TV Episode 3: Your Space and You

The conversation with Deanna Cable, the founder of A Step Up, sheds light on the partnership's challenges during COVID-19 and the significance of space in seniors' lives. Deanna shares her passion for creating comfortable and inviting spaces, offering valuable tips for downsizing and involving external help, especially for seniors and their families.

Moving forward, the tour of Country Cottage reveals insightful design considerations, such as the selection of artwork and furniture suitable for seniors' safety and comfort. The discussion emphasizes the importance of refreshing communal spaces like the lobby and library, contributing to a positive environment for both residents and staff members.

Interviews with residents like Lois highlight the welcoming atmosphere and sense of community at Country Cottage, showcasing the impact of a homely environment on seniors' well-being and quality of life. Cheryl Ann Grigg's insights further underscore the challenges and strategies involved in educating seniors about the benefits of retirement living and redesigning spaces to enhance residents' experiences.

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