The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Every month, Wild Rose, our community located in Terra Losa in West Edmonton, hosts online yoga sessions. These sessions are led by Erin, a certified yoga instructor who specializes in yoga benefits for seniors. Erin has been focusing solely on yoga with seniors for two years now, and has seen tremendous benefits for seniors who participate in yoga regularly. 

What are some of the benefits of daily yoga?

  • Feelings of positivity

  • Feeling more enlightened

  • Feeling more lively

Participating in yoga helps to grow muscles, improve flexibility, and gain more agility. Supplying the body with oxygen through controlled breathing practices helps us slow down and become more mindful, which nourishes our bodies and blood streams and is even a boon to mental health. Not only is yoga good for your mind, but yoga does wonders for our digestive systems, as it increases the circulation and energy to our problem areas. The gentle stretching also develops a greater range of motion and makes regular movement easier. Moving the body and staying active are very important parts of healthy living for seniors. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that is good for the mind, body, and soul.

One of the common benefits Erin hears about from the communities she teaches yoga to is in regards to how the participants see improvements in their sleep. As we practice our breathing, the body naturally produces melatonin: a chemical that helps regulate sleep. 

Erin’s goal for these monthly online yoga sessions—in which we discuss the benefits of yoga—is to create a community that is supportive, focusing on our own wellness but also the wellness of our community as a whole. As Erin says, “There is nothing more sacred than the company you keep.” Being in the same community with others gives us the opportunity to grow with and support one another. Much like living Wild Rose, Aster Gardens, or any Optima Living residence, it shows how important it is to rely on the community. 

Erin was working in the fine dining industry when she began her career of teaching yoga and mindfulness. She was invited to her very first yoga class, she fell in love with the practice, and knew that she wanted to teach it. One thing she loves is the clarity that yoga provides. It helps you just stop and listen to your surroundings. Erin would love to see you during one of her Wild Rose yoga sessions! Click here to learn how to join. There are no expectations for yoga. Come as you are. There is no need to be flexible, bendable, or expert. Just come with a full heart and a smile. 

Yoga is all about enjoying yourself, accessing your mind, body and spirit, and creating a space that is safe for you to move freely, and connect with yourself in a healthier, more meaningful way.