Tom's Story

Art has been an enduring passion throughout my life; a source of constant inspiration that has never gone away. Its ability to open my eyes to new perspectives has been a constant source of solace, too. While my artistic journey doesn't involve wielding a paintbrush, I find my role as a collector every bit as enriching.

The decision to move to my retirement community was not solely based on practical considerations; it was deeply influenced by my love for art. This community encourages personal expression, and my walls were blank canvases on which I hung my favourite pieces. In fact, the entire community features beautiful pieces in every hall, and they're changed out enough to make me feel like I'm living in my own personal gallery, with new exhibits every week. The artistic ambiance of this community resonated with me in a way that went beyond aesthetics; it spoke to my heart and became a compelling reason for me to make this place my new home.

As a collector, every piece on these walls holds a special significance. Each artwork is a chapter of my life, and together, they create a gallery of memories that reflect not only my individual journey but also the collective stories of those who share this space with me. The walls, adorned with a diverse array of artistic expressions, have become the backdrop to our lives.

Art is not merely an accessory in my life; it's an integral part of my identity. The act of collecting, curating, and appreciating art has become a daily ritual, bringing a sense of purpose and joy to my retirement years. It's a testament to the fact that passion knows no age and that the pursuit of beauty and meaning is a lifelong journey.

In essence, this retirement community is not just a residence; it's a sanctuary where art and life intertwine. It's a place where the walls breathe with creativity. Living here is not just a choice; it's a celebration of a life steeped in art and the continuation of a journey that finds beauty in every stroke of the brush and every piece carefully curated on these walls. Here, I'm free to be me.