Innovations in Senior Living Marketing: Insights from Karim Kassam's Panel Presentation

Optima Living team members, including Carmen Chung, Senior Marketing Manager; Heather Collingridge, Regional Manager, Community Relations; and Karim Kassam, Co-Founder and Principal of Optima Living, recently attended the Senior Housing News, Sales and Marketing event in Tampa, Florida. Karim was invited as a keynote speaker to share Optima Living's innovative strategies in senior' Independent Living and our visionary approach towards enhancing the resident experience and occupancy in 2024 and beyond.

Karim's presentation highlighted the crucial role of social media in engaging with prospective residents, emphasizing Optima's commitment to showcasing the vibrant lifestyles of its residents. From paddle boarding adventures at the age of 90 to viral TikTok videos featuring Optima community's spirited dance-offs and group activities, our innovative social media campaigns have garnered widespread attention, including recognition from esteemed platforms like Hockey Night in Canada's Instagram!

Furthermore, Karim's insights resonated with the audience as he addressed the evolving landscape of senior living marketing. With the demographic shift towards higher acuity needs among residents, there is a growing demand for creative approaches to market independence, lifestyle, and care. Karim highlighted the importance of targeted marketing strategies to navigate the changing preferences of prospective residents effectively.

Karim speaking in a conference room

Optima Living has been proactive in adapting to demographic trends, with a notable increase in the average age of our residents since 2020. This shifts has prompted us to redefine our marketing strategies while ensuring seamless transitions across the care continuum for our residents.

Read the article featuring Optima and Karim's presentation in Senior Housing News: "'Tough Balance': How Holdbrook Life, Optima Living are Succeeding in Changing Senior Living Sales"

Optima's participation in the event has reinforced our commitment to innovation and excellence in senior living.