Optima Living Announces Optima Living TV: An Entertaining and Informative Video Series for Seniors to Live Their Best Lives

EDMONTON, AB & VANCOUVER, BC / October 7, 2022 – Optima Living supports seniors to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. As part of their unprecedented approach to seniors’ wellness and active living, Optima Living is excited to launch Optima Living TV, featuring regular episodes of easily digestible content full of useful and interesting information for seniors and the people who love them. 

“We are really excited to launch Optima Living TV as part of our unprecedented approach to seniors’ wellness and active living, helping seniors live their best lives," said Farid Damji, Co-Founder and Principal, Optima Living.

Each episode (viewable on the Optima Living YouTube channel at YouTube.com/optimaliving) will consist of (1) an interesting class or lesson for seniors to take part in; (2) a discussion relevant to senior life full of useful information and takeaways; and (3) a health tip from the University of Alberta's Division Director of Geriatric Medicine Dr. Adrian Wagg. 

Full episodes will be released on the first Friday of each month starting on October 7th. In between each release day, there will be segment videos released called “Spotlights,” bite-sized content from the full episodes, easier to watch on the go.

The first episode of Optima Living TV, Fitness in Later Life, streams on YouTube on Friday, October 7th at 1:30 PST/2:30 MST. Optima Living Principal Ali Shivji talks fitness with Wild Rose Lifestyle and Programs Manager Erin Keith before she leads him through a chair yoga session that seniors can follow along with. Dr. Wagg’s health tip is about how important keeping mobile is for health and wellbeing in later life.

“Optima Living TV provides a great opportunity for older adults to learn more about getting healthy and staying well in later life, maximizing quality of life and well-being,” said Dr. Wagg. 

Optima Living hopes this new series will inform and entertain residents in all Optima Living communities as well as seniors across the country. Providing credible information to help seniors live their best life and sharing this knowledge is something Optima Living is very passionate and excited about.

About Optima Living

Optima Living—founded in 2007—owns and operates innovative seniors’ living communities throughout Alberta and BC, taking an unprecedented approach to senior life. Their unique company culture is one where both residents and team members are family.

Optima Living’s North Star, Let us welcome you home, speaks to their underlying principles and the experience seniors discover in their communities. When residents are home, they feel safe, respected, and welcome. Home is where one’s voice is heard, their views matter, and they have freedom of choice. Optima Living’s mission, vision, and values—respect, dignity, teamwork, and doing the right thing—support and build upon their North Star.

Optima Living operates over 2,200 beds providing congregant living options for seniors. These options range from subsidized to luxury, Independent to Assisted Living, Long-term Care to Memory Care, and Residential Mental Health. For more information, visit optimaliving.ca.

This release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy securities of any entity.  

Alyssa Barry
Media Relations
[email protected]