Optima Living TV Episode 10: Be Free, Be You

Our journey has recently seen the redefinition of our Mission, Vision, and Values as Optima Living grows and evolves. Our vision is for every person to feel at home, while our mission is to provide intimate Homestyle living for our residents.

Unchanged Core Values

Despite our growth, our core values of respect, dignity, working together, and doing the right thing have remained steadfast. These values are based on our North Star: let us welcome you home. In our world, age knows no boundaries. Life's second act is a canvas for rediscovery, renewal, and happiness. Seniors at Optima have unlocked new doors and revisited old dreams, facing challenges with joy and discovering vivid stories.

Holistic Care and Personalized Attention

Understanding each resident's background and history is crucial. This allows us to holistically address their needs and desires, providing personalized and quality care. We believe in the power of creativity, new interests, and maintaining an upbeat outlook on life. This approach not only enhances quality of life but also potentially leads to a longer and more fulfilling life.

Building a Vibrant Community

At Optima Living, community and connections are paramount. We create spaces where residents find companionship, engage in various activities, and build lasting friendships. Our focus is on being person-centered rather than resident-centered. Every individual, including residents, families, employees, and the larger community, is an integral part of our family.

Commitment to Quality of Life

We are dedicated to providing a dignified, supportive, and empowering home where everyone can live their best life. Quality of life is our watchword, and we strive to recreate the comforts of home for our residents. Optima Living encourages seizing the present, finding purpose, and embracing the aging journey. Pets, social engagement, and meaningful activities all contribute to a fulfilling life at Optima Living.

Welcoming You Home

Home at Optima Living is not just a place; it's a feeling of comfort, safety, happiness, and respect. Our goal is to bring together people, place, and community to create a true sense of home for everyone at Optima Living.

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